Saturday, December 16, 2006

Now what?

With the holidays approaching, we all start to get a bit antsy. Did I get all the presents that I wanted for those people that care most in my life? Am I mentally prepared for the inquisition that will befall me when I get to "Grandma's" house? Will my diet survive the holiday food. Oh so much to ponder. I think pondering astrophysics and quantum mechanics would be easier. Well, enough of this. It is time to suck in the stomach and admire the "new" me and just throw caution out the window. It will be an adventure and only when I get home and ponder over the whole scene will I be able to lie back and say, "Ah, that was worth all the worry and anticipation." As for the diet, "Ok where is that order form for Nutri-Systems and for the Bowflex?" Time to start anew and hope I lose even more before the next get together. Let us all chant, "You can do it, you can do it ..."

Seasons Greetings,

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Why is it that we that try to be kind and considerate people have to put up with those that are rude and unsavory. We are taught to share and be friendly when we are young only to find that the people that are rather rude and crase seem to get ahead in life. Well, I am about to change my thinking and become more like them. No more, Mr nice guy. Cut in front of me and you will be politely told to get in the back of the line. If I see a person being rude, maybe I will let that door slam in their face. "Is this too much?" You say to yourself. Well, maybe, but isn't it fun to imagine yourself as being the "bully" and getting away with it? Well, maybe I won't do it but it sure makes me feel better just thinking of the evil things to do to those that are so self centered and egotistical that they think they are the rulers of the universe. What say you people? (Sorry Bill) I want to know if I am the only poor soul trying to play "by the rules" that is getting abused by those that seem to be demigods in this "circle of life." Circle, hmm, more like star where most of us orbit these potentates of power. Well no more, time to take control and fight. Are you with me? Let's ride ..... Visit my web site for some items you might like. It is just starting but it is a testiment to taking control. I will reciprocate if you do. Just post your spots so we can all empower one another.
Thank you,Curious

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